Hawaiian Products Giveaway

Hawaaian Giveaway 2


In the true spirit of Aloha, Hawaiian-Products will be running a monthly contest and everyone is invited to participate.

Each month there will be 10-winners and each winner will receive a sample pack of the following products below.

Hawaiian-Products: HAWAII SLIM

  “made to deliver better weight loss results than other brands of supplements”

  •  dynamic triple action formula – works great for men and women
  •  contains thermo shaping dynamic fat burners
  •  Natural energy ingredients to help fuel your day
  •  detoxify with natural hawaiian ginger

Hawaiian-Products: ANDROMAX

  “Lose Fat Gain Muscle”

  •  Naturally boost your testosterone levels
  •  Increase muscle mass, slim your waistline and lose belly fat
  •  It’s a proven fact… women love a man with sexy muscles
  •  Confidence… you’ll never be afraid to take your shirt off again

Hawaiian-Products: HERBAL BUST PLUS

  “Enhance Your Breasts Naturally”

  •  Herbal Bust Plus has a proven track record
  •  Supple skin; fewer wrinkles
  •  Improved sense of well being
  •  never be afraid to take your shirt off again

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